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1996-10-15 The very best of New Wave Music of the 80's. 30 minutes of nonstop music mixes. Enjoy the music and video lights effects word up! Try this hot mixes New Wave Hits Of The 80s By Taking it back with this classic playlist to some of our favorite new wave hits of the 80s.

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The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again 7. Two Hearts Beat as One / New Year's Day (1983) [Single] 140: 140.

Best new wave songs

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Best new wave songs

Soft Cell.

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People · 3.
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Listen on Spotify: Best new music in pop, hiphop and tomorrows hits! Follow for daily updates of new releases and todays hits! On the cover: Alba August. New Wave bands were also aided by the growth of MTV, which helped visualize their The best new wave bands had a profound impact on shaping music for  Starting Period: The Punk/New Wave Years Best song: REMOTE CONTROL That said, the song is quite good, with Joe Strummer's hoarse voice perfectly  Powerpop / New Wave Sida 1/6 7" BIRDY NUM NUMS - EVERY LITTLE WORD Great German 80's powerpop.

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New wave and its ugly twin sister, post-punk, are two terms used and abused with abandon when describing the music that followed the punk rock explosion of the mid-70s. To some people, new wave was the music made by bands who were too traditionally melodic to be classed as punk; bands that believed in good ol’ songwriting, in craft and – shock horror – quite liked the idea of having a New Wave Hits Of The 80s By

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Jul 14, 2016 The result is their early '80s magnum opus, Remain in Light, a juxtaposition of side one's hypnotic yet unnerving dance songs like “Born Under  Sep 17, 2014 New Wave, R&B, hip-hop, mascara'd hard rock and “Weird Al” Yankovic all To be considered, the song had to be released in 1984 or have  Nov 20, 2009 Music Lists #10: 150 Greatest New Wave Songs of the 1980's · 1. Metro - Berlin · 2. Melt with You – Modern English · 3.